9 Breakfast-For-Dinner Recipe Ideas To Try This Week

In times of stress, it can sometimes help to limit the mental strain of daily activities like making dinner. So while for some people that means ordering take-out or heating up a bowl of leftovers, we have an alternative suggestion: When we’re feeling burnout settling in, it’s time for breakfast for dinner (a sometimes polarizing suggestion, we know).

Breakfast is, at its core, a simple meal: it’s made up of key components to give our bodies the nutrients to power us for the day. Which is why breakfast for dinner is a perfect simple, low-lift (both mentally and literally) alternative to a more involved recipe—although sometimes there’s something appealing about those, too.

There’s one particular breakfast ingredients that board-certified psychiatrist and professional chef Uma Naidoo, M.D. believes is the perfect candidate for these breakfast for dinner moments: the humble egg. Because eggs are a good natural source of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, they’re perfect for aiding in achieving a peaceful slumber: something we could all use right now.

Not only that, but breakfast recipes are eminently adaptable: you can adjust the recipes to fit your dietary preferences (even if that means cutting out eggs). Here, find some of our favorite inspirations for breakfast for dinner—though we’d never say no to a simple avocado toast, either.

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