8 Ways To Channel The Diligent, Steadfast Metal Ox This Year

Soon after getting out of bed, get in the habit of doing a meditation, visualization, a walk, a yoga class, a journaling session, or any other meditative activity you can stick with. When the morning starts with actions that help you feel great, that energy echoes through your day. You’ll find that these activities are easier to do once your home is clean and fresh, so embrace regular home maintenance this year! It’s never going to be perfect, but the key is to be consistent. I believe that when you’re consistently polishing your home, you’re polishing up your life’s energy, too.

While these themes of the Year of the Metal Ox may not seem wildly and glamorously thrilling on the surface, they can lead to real results and abundance. Not only is this a great time to shore up new habits that will always serve you, but it’s also an excellent time to celebrate yourself and every step you take in the journey of making amazing things happen in 2021. 

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