8 People Review mindbodygreen’s calm+ Supplement

A new release in mindbodygreen’s suite of supplements, calm+ dropped this summer. This is not your average stress supplement: For starters, it contains premium, high-potency ingredients at levels that are scientifically shown to support a brighter mood.*

Its headliner is USDA and E.U.-certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil that’s been DNA-tested and delivers 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD per serving—an amount that’s been shown to improve stress resilience in clinical trials.* The hemp oil is complemented by another potent plant compound, ashwagandha. Our ashwagandha root and leaf extract contains an impressive 35% glycowithanolides, the active compounds that give the plant its stress-relieving effects, making it the most bioactive ashwagandha on the market.* Non-GMO lavender oil from Bulgarian lavender flowers rounds out the calming botanical trio.*

We formulated calm+ so that one gelcap, taken any time of day or night, is enough to deliver calm, relaxation, and well-being.* Consider it your juicy yoga flow or deep meditation in a bottle. Here, well-being experts and everyday people share how calm+ has helped them achieve a brighter mood and less stress.*

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