8 Dermatologist-Approved Tips To Help An Oily T-Zone

Let’s chat T-zones for a bit—that oil-slick part of the face that’s prone to a midday shine and the unfortunate batch of breakouts. If your skin runs oil-prone, you’re likely well versed in the particular set of frustrations associated with it. Obviously the goal is to manage sebum in the area—but then you have to think of the rest of the face, and be mindful not to go overboard on drying ingredients. It requires a delicate hand, this T-zone.

Before we begin, a quick skin care lesson: The T-zone involves an area of the face that spans the forehead and down the bridge of the nose, ending at the chin. (Mentally draw a capital T across your face, and you get the idea.) The area produces more oil for a very simple reason: It has more oil glands. Even if you have dry skin, you’ll likely produce more oil in this area versus on other parts of your face. It just becomes a nuisance for oil- or acne-prone people because their skin tends to overproduce sebum inherently. It also tends to be a much bigger issue when you’re younger, as your skin does naturally dry out as you age. 

So, with this in mind, let’s chat about tending to it naturally:

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