7 Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom, From A Organization Coach

Most of us go years sleeping on the same sheets, pillows, and mattress pads. We fall in love with cozy, worn-in bedding, learning to ignore pilled fabric, tiny holes, or set-in stains. The truth is, bedding goes through a lot of wear and tear, absorbing dirt, dust, sweat, and odors as we sleep.

The choice about when to replace bed linens is personal, but if your space hasn’t been spruced up in a while, think about a new comforter, bed sheets, or even pillow shams. Occasionally, I like to make my bed, step out of the room, and then walk back in to see what catches my eye first. Do the pillows look flat? Would a different comforter lighten the mood?

If you want to refresh your bed quickly and affordably, add a soft throw pillow or a cozy blanket or fleece. These are super easy to find at home goods stores and can brighten a room in an instant. (And if you want our two cents, here are our favorite eucalyptus sheets and silk sheets.)

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