7 Truths About The Link Between Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

Trust and intimacy move together in a relationship, meaning if there is a decrease in trust, then there is a decrease in intimacy. That means working on building trust in a relationship is a key part of fostering more intimacy between you.

To do that, start with accepting that trust isn’t an all-or-nothing thing. Think of it like this: Trust moves up and down a scale of zero to 10 throughout the day. If you’re feeling connected to your partner and things are going well, your trust level is on the higher end. If your partner says or does something that doesn’t feel good to you, your trust goes down on the scale at the moment.

Some people make the mistake of saying they don’t trust their partner. However, they’re still in a relationship with them. If you are in a relationship, your trust in them is at least a one on the scale, or you wouldn’t be with them.

To improve trust, your goal is to act and say things that enhance trust in your relationship. Ask your partner if they need help with anything or if you can do anything to support them. Your willingness to offer help shows how much you care about them. Showing genuine care and support is what improves trust.

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