7 Strategic Ways To Personalize Your Diet, From A Dietitian

When I was younger I felt so unsure about what it meant to lead a healthy lifestyle. I tried to be vegan, pescatarian, then Paleo, and so on. I felt so confused and not able to hear what my own body needed.

Finally, I saw a functional nutrition dietitian who changed my life. She ran a food sensitivity test and guided me through an elimination diet, which was a complete game-changer. Since then, I became a licensed dietitian myself, fortunate enough to change the lives of others with my knowledge. 

Today in my nutrition counseling practice, I focus on longevity and disease prevention. I work with driven and proactive individuals who follow all the general recommendations—such as eating organic when possible, fasting, exercising, meditating, and taking supplements—but still feel something off with their energy levels, drive, or digestion. 

My job is to find out what your individual body loves and thrives on, and what it’s better off without. There are so many nuanced ways to find the best eating style for each person, but there are some go-to guiding principles I use to uncover the best personalized diet for my clients.

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