7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

Exercise is supposed to be a stress reliever, not something that creates more tension in your life. If all goes well, you leave the gym feeling refreshed and proud of the work you put in for that hour or two you spent cutting through heavy iron like a hot knife through butter.

But stress and frustration are exactly what happens when strength gains and size gains begin to stall.

It’s, unfortunately, a roadblock we’ve all hit during our fitness journey. You set yourself up for a bench press, squat, or deadlift and expect to hit a new PR, or move some heavy weigh as if it were an empty bar only to attempt the lift and…nothing. You take a look around the gym to make sure nobody saw your missed attempt and walk away either angry or discouraged.

Without utilizing trial and error and critical thinking in your training, the road back to continual success can be long and intimidating.

There are, of course, the obvious reasons for not getting stronger — namely, inconsistency in training, failing to hit your macros, and not getting enough rest. While those are certainly the main culprits for any stalled progress, they’re far from the only reasons why you’re not able to put an extra few plates on your lifts.

We’ve consulted a group of experts to find out how you can minimize setbacks and make steady progress in the gym. Follow these tips, and you’ll be hitting new PRs in no time. Thank us later.

25 Solid Training Tips for Greater Strength and Muscle Growth

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