7 Reasons Your Childhood Home Keeps Popping Up In Your Dream

Of all the places we spent time in our childhoods, our home was likely the place we spent the most. In those formative years, we associate our homes with our family, our sense of safety and comfort, and even ourselves, as we identify with objects and possessions to form a self-image.

With that in mind, therapist and dream expert Leslie Ellis, Ph.D., tells mbg, to dream of your childhood home makes sense, given those deep and long-standing associations in our minds. “Ideally, we attach to our childhood home because of the memories we have of being loved and supported. It can be a time of freedom, and so poignant because we experience so many ‘firsts’ in our young lives,” she explains.

And of course, there are also cases where our childhood home doesn’t bring back happy memories but rather memories of difficulty and even trauma, she adds.

In any event, the places we live throughout our lives, and especially our primary childhood home, will have far-reaching effects on the subconscious, making them likely to appear in our dreams from time to time.

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