7 Makeup Tips For Women Over 50, From Makeup Artists

At this point, we’ve waxed poetic about how your skin changes with age—specifically once you hit 50. It calls for a few tweaks in the skin care department, no doubt, but it’s also a great time to adopt new makeup habits. Although, we’re not talking about camouflaging any folds and fine lines; rather, shift your makeup routine to amplify your natural beauty, with all its grooves and glory. Think updated tricks, better formulas, and application hacks that withstand the test of time.

“I think for women in their 50s and above, there is a new and exciting relationship with makeup to be had, especially if there was not one before,” makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran tells mbg. In fact, according to a Harris Poll, survey respondents identified 50 as the “perfect” age where they feel most comfortable in their own skin; it only makes sense that plenty of women—50-years-old and beyond—feel inspired to play with makeup in new, dreamy ways. 

If you don’t know exactly where to start, though, we uncovered the best techniques to highlight your features (and avoid common mistakes) from three seasoned makeup artists. 

Before diving in, we should note that these tips will guide you through more of the basics, rather than a full face beat. So if you want to go rogue and add in a splash of bold color—by all means! Makeup should be fun and expressive. As makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo, says: “Color rules were meant to be broken.” 

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