6 Women Describe How Their Sex Lives Changed After Menopause

“I have been married for 32 years, and I started menopause when I was 40 years old. Our sex life has been good throughout our marriage. We engage a couple times a week.

I started having problems with sex when I started to get a UTI infection every single time we had intercourse. I was going to the walk-in so regularly that I finally went to see my regular doc at a yearly check up and was able to talk to her about it. She prescribed an antibiotic that I took after sex every time. That worked. Then I had a hysterectomy, and I started to notice bleeding after intercourse.

Not one doctor ever told me the UTI or the bleeding was due to drying in the vulva or vagina. I finally found out about it by reading (the menopause support page that I’m a part of was a life saver for sure). I went to my doctor again, and my vagina was so dry and had shrunk to the point that any insertion was impossible. They really offered little to no help. So I ordered a vagina dilator and some Bee Friendly organic vagina mositurizer. For months I worked from the smallest dilator to the largest, and after each time my husband would insert the vagina moisturizer. At my last check up the doctor said I had done a remarkable job, and I was looking much better. Our sex life was able to resume, but only because of the work and research I did on my own.” —Georgea, 55 years old

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