6 Ways I’m Processing The Grief & Loss Of 2020

If you’ve come to the end of 2020 feeling sad, lost, angry, lonely, exhausted, or any combination of the above, I promise you’re not alone. We’re living, as we keep being reminded, through unprecedented times that have been embodied by loss. 

Grief is a very natural, and important, human response to such loss. I consider the feeling of grief to be an emotional reminder that our world—on a micro or macro level—has changed. As such, I believe that it can inspire us to adapt accordingly. After all, we humans are inherently, phenomenally resilient; we bounce back from the most terrifying and devasting events imaginable. But that doesn’t make it easy.

Furthermore, many of the losses that we’re experiencing right now are “ambiguous” losses—they lack clarity or closure. They can leave us perpetually searching for answers, which makes it even harder to move forward into the future, let alone grieve what’s passed.

As we venture into 2021, here’s how I’m choosing to move through my grief. Inspired by yoga and meditation principles, they are a few time-tested strategies for bouncing back and making peace with loss.

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