6 Rituals For Making Your Own Light, Inspired By Diwali

With daylight saving come and gone and the hours of daylight slowly dwindling, this can be a difficult time of year for many. But it is also the perfect time to energize and expand our personal and collective light.

For inspiration on how to do so, we can look to Diwali or Deepawali, which begins on Saturday, November 14. This festival of lights marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year according to the lunar calendar. The name translates to “row of lights” and celebrates the victory of goodness over evil and light over darkness.

This weekend, houses all over India will twinkle with tiny clay lamps called diye, lit to welcome the Hindu God Rama. People also light diye for the goddess of wealth Lakshmi, to ensure prosperity for the year.

Literally speaking, light lends clarity. It also represents illumination and spiritual intelligence. To usher in more of this energy during the fall and winter, here are six Diwali-inspired rituals for shining a light on your shadows and moving forward with ease, radiance, and clarity.

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