6 Innovations That Set This Sustainable Mattress Apart From The Rest

Now you may not know this, but typically, mattresses aren’t that great for the environment — especially when they end up in landfills. They’re typically filled with petroleum-based products and are constructed using toxic chemicals. What’s worse? The US disposes of 18.2m mattresses annually but has only 56 facilities to help recycle them. This is despite more states pushing to have mattresses recycled, rather than sent to landfills. The lesson? If you’re buying a mattress, make sustainable your mantra.

The perfect mattress will do even more than support the planet: it will provide you with superior spine support, feel like a big, comfortable sanctuary, and last you more than a decade (seriously!), even under the weight of daily use.

That’s a lot to ask of a mattress, we know — but there’s one mattress ticking all these boxes while also helping to solve the landfill crisis: the new Avocado Latex Mattress. Here are 6 reasons it’s one of the most innovative, comfortable, and sustainable out there. 

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