6 Ingredient No-Bake Vanilla Nut Butter Fudge

With distance keeping us apart this holiday season, I’ve been looking for DIY kitchen projects that might make it safely to my loved ones, as a heartfelt treat. This super simple fudge might be just the type of thing I’ve been hoping to find. With only six ingredients and just as few steps to put it together, the sweet, from No-Bake Vegan Desserts, uses cashew butter for the base and maple syrup as it’s natural sweetener.

Christina Leopold, the author, says this might even be her favorite recipe in the book: “This no-bake fudge is prepared in minutes with only a few ingredients, and can be stored in your freezer so that you always have a stash of sweets on hand,” she writes. And she has a unique suggestion for how to use it, other than for snacking: “Try adding it to warm oatmeal for a sweet, gooey and melty treat,” she suggests—which sounds like a super fun way to upgrade our bowl of oatmeal with some sweet, salty, nutty, flavor.

Cashew butter might not be the nut butter you reach for first, but if you only have the whole nuts available you can always make your own—just make sure you roast them first so they have a bit more flavor. After all, with so few steps to make the fudge, why not DIY the nut butter?

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