6 Cold-Weather Care Tips For Houseplants

“As the season changes, so does the way the sun enters your space,” explains Joyce Mast, the landscaper and “plant mom” at plant delivery service Bloomscape.

This means that you might have to move your plants to a new location in your home, depending on your window conditions. Mast explains that “if your plant was near a window shaded by a tree, the sun rays will be more intense once the leaves fall and you’ll need to move your plant back a bit to avoid burning its foliage.” On the other hand, you might need to move some plants closer to windows if they’re suddenly spending more time in shadow.

The key is to look out for signs of too much sun (browning, crispy, wilted leaves) or too little sun (yellow, drooping leaves) and be realistic about the hours of direct sunlight your home actually gets daily. Some houseplant apps like Steward and Florish have built-in light monitors that can be helpful for this.

Give your plants a week or two to acclimate to their new environment before judging how they like it.

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