5 Signs You Are Shedding Too Much Hair From Top Hairstylists

When you shower, do you clock how much ends up down toward the drain? Well, that’s an easy way to see what the deal is: “If the remaining hair on the drain has a pillowy texture to it, that is an indicator more hair has been shed,” says Leonardo Manetti, stylist at Rob Peetoom in Brooklyn, New York. 

But just mindful: If you are one to skip daily brushing, detangling, or shampooing, you will likely see an increased amount of hairs at the drain when you do shower. This is simply because said hairs would have shed naturally over the course of a few days but instead shed all at once when you detangle hair. “Yes, if you don’t brush daily, you will notice more hair in your brush or when your shower drains after you give yourself a nice shampoo and scrub your scalp,” says Manetti. 

Taylor agrees, “If you don’t brush your hair every day, you will notice more hair is coming out at one time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shedding too much. It just means that the hairs that have fallen out naturally are getting stuck in small bindings or knots that happen when you don’t brush your hair.”

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