5 Questions You Have About Health Insurance (That You Were Too Afraid To Ask), Answered

Raise your hand if you’re convinced you can’t afford health coverage. Think again—most people who take advantage of the health insurance marketplace actually receive a federal subsidy that lowers their monthly cost. One 2018 survey echoed the same, finding that almost half of uninsured adults may have been eligible for subsidized insurance through the marketplace or Medicaid. To put it another way, affordable health insurance might be more in reach than you think. Friday Health Plans gets it and offers great coverage that won’t blow your budget. 

Not all health insurance carriers are created equal. Friday Health Plans is purpose-built for people of all stripes, from independent workers to small business owners. Friday leads with simplicity and affordability, providing benefits to help support overall health and wellness. And if you do get hurt or sick, you can count on top-notch coverage to see you through. 

Friday Health Plans offers all essential health benefits—and those with preexisting conditions aren’t left out. Get a quote based on your needs, then pick a plan that works best for you. You can rest easy knowing you have the coverage you need.

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