5 Positive Lessons From 2020 That We Can Take Into The New Year

One of the first things that came sharply into focus throughout the pandemic was the awareness of our physical health. Before COVID-19, many of us defined success as endless to-do lists and meetings, eating on the run, skipping meals, and skimping on sleep. All so we could wake the next day and do it again.

We operated on the idea that we can get to our health and well-being at some later, undefined time. As the country began to close, coercing us into stillness, we had the opportunity to reflect on the fact that chronic illness does not happen overnight.

Rather, chronic illness builds on a lifetime of habits that deplete the body’s reserve, hinder its ability to heal, and create changes that can lead to disease. We also learned that chronic illness can potentially weaken our body’s defenses, thus leaving us more susceptible to acute infectious illnesses.

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