5-Minute Barre Routine To Strengthen & Tone Your Arms Effectively

Ballerinas are well known for their sculpted and toned arms, a result of holding them at or above shoulder level for much of their practice. And barre, which is heavily inspired by ballet, can offer many of those same arm-strengthening moves. Both barre and ballet require lots of strength in the upper back and shoulder girdle area, plus the biceps and triceps also work hard to keep the rounded shape of the arms seen in ballet.

Those rounded elbows, and the changing to different positions, is called “port de bras” in ballet, which translates to “carrying of the arms.” We take that a step further in barre workouts by adding light weights, usually 1 to 3 pounds, to boost intensity and effectiveness (since we’re not all on ballerina workout schedules).

Let’s get started with this quick, four-move arm series you can do right at home with (or without, if you so choose) a pair of small weights.

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