5 Mental Health Mantras To Try During The Holiday Season

More often than not, a person’s mindset can make or break someone’s wellness journey. Yes, sticking to healthy eating is going to be better than not—but if you are serving yourself a slice of stress with your daily kale salad, it can be just as bad as eating that slice of holiday pie.

There should be a grace and lightness to wellness. And when we are so focused on rigid goals, it can lead to shame and anxiety during the holidays. When, really, they should be about gratefulness and time with loved ones. Practicing mindfulness can help create a sense of peace surrounding whatever happens between yourself and what you eat during this time of year.

When your mind is centered, you may find yourself not even wanting to reach for those sweets. Or, if you do have a dessert, filled with less guilt and stress-related physical symptoms.

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