5 Health & Fitness Habits VP-Elect Kamala Harris Swears By

Do you remember where you were when you heard Kamala Harris was named the Vice President-elect, making her the first woman, the first Black person, the first Indian American, and the first Asian American to hold the office? For the VP-elect herself, it appears she had just completed a run in the park when she got the news.

How do I know this? Well if you spent any time on Instagram this Saturday, you probably saw a video circulating that featured Harris calling President-elect Joe Biden to proclaim “we did it.” In that video, she’s sporting head-to-toe workout clothes and headphones, plus her hair is tied back—so one can only assume she was letting out some post-election stress with a few morning miles.

As a health and fitness editor, I love seeing that our soon-to-be VP makes her well-being a priority. Curious to learn a bit more about her health and fitness habits, I did a little digging, and here’s what I uncovered:

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