5 Easy Steps + Makeup Artist Tips

5 Easy Steps + Makeup Artist Tips

I’ll leave it to makeup artist Naseeha Khan, co-founder of CTZN Cosmetics, to explain: “Contouring is a makeup technique that adds natural depth and dimension to your features by creating shadows and highlights in different areas of your face,” she says. Basically, by strategically placing those darker hues, you can create the illusion of depth and a chiseled bone structure. While brighter pigments (i.e., highlighter) help bring forth an area, using deeper shades will recede an area, which can help your cheeks, jawline, nose, etc., appear much more defined. 

Now, you can use a proper contouring stick or palette to trace your facial features, but you can also contour with a cool-toned bronzer or even blush. “Contouring” really just means carving out certain regions of your face, which you can accomplish with a variety of makeup products.  

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