5 Easy No-Bake Chocolate Treats With Bonus Health Benefits

If you’re asking us, the best gifts are homemade—and often edible, too! With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, we got to thinking about how to upgrade the traditional (and sometime tacky and sugar filled) box of chocolates, and what sprang to mind immediately is just making chocolate treats for your valentine yourself.

These simple treats fit the bill for Valentine’s Day perfectly since they’re full of chocolate, but they’re also worth bookmarking for yourself because they’re chocolate treats with bonus benefits. With less processed sugar and more superfood benefits, they’re sure to become favorite recipes for any celebratory day—or even just a random Monday afternoon.

“Cocoa (cacao) beans and products made with them are rich in heart-protective flavanols,” registered dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth, R.D., once wrote for mindbodygreen. “And chocolate may keep your memory sharp by boosting blood flow to the brain—definitely great reasons to get a daily dose of chocolate!”

Beyond chocolate, these recipes are packed with nut butters, seeds, and more—providing plenty of reasons to make them beyond just how tasty they are. Our advice? Bookmark this for inspiration whenever you need a little bit of chocolate, and get to picking one to make for your Valentine (or Pal-entine’s) stat.

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