5 Couples On How They Navigated Judgy Parents Over The Holidays

The holidays are always a minefield for new relationships—and honestly, sometimes for tried-and-true ones too. It’s probably the peak of the “meet the parents” season, and if you’re planning a longer stay with family, some couples are bound to encounter one particularly awkward conversation: the dance of whether you and your partner will be allowed to sleep in the same room.

While some families are pretty chill about this, others are a little more old-fashioned—which may mean spending holidays separate from your partner or having a temporary sleep divorce.

Or perhaps you’re the type who doesn’t take the separate rooms mandate lying down (pun intended).

This isn’t something that lends itself to clear-cut advice—every family’s dynamics and values are different—but in case you’re wondering how other people handle this tricky part of holiday gatherings, we asked real-life couples to share how they’ve navigated the sleeping arrangements among judgy family members. Here’s what they told us.

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