5 Common Makeup Mistakes + Tips To Fix It, From Experts

When it comes to base makeup, knowing your undertones is key. While you may be familiar whether you’re generally warm- or cool-toned, you actually have different undertones across your entire face. That’s why celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson says if you layer on a single foundation shade (along with bronzer and concealer where you need it), it tends to look caky. “If you put foundation on your entire face, then go back and add color corrector (which you might not have needed in the first place), and then top that with more concealer because now you’re trying to brighten everything up—you’ve literally just fought yourself every step of the way,” he tells mbg. 

Use those multiple shades to your advantage instead of piling them on in layers: Place those shades only where they belong (you may find, for example, you only need a color corrector around your eyes and nose), and blend them together. According to Crimson, “you’ll get a more flawless even complexion that’s not so heavy.”

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