5 Best Veggies For Smoothie That Actually Taste Good, From An RD

Our favorite unexpected baking ingredient is also a great surprising smoothie addition. The biggest perk: “It has such a mild flavor that you likely won’t even notice it’s there,” says Largeman-Roth. What’s more, “because zucchini has a high water content, it adds additional moisture to your smoothie.”

Even with it’s high water content, zucchini is still a good source of vitamin B6, along with vitamin A, vitamin C, and zeaxanthin. That’s a whole lotta bang for something you’ll hardly notice in your fruity blend.

Play around with your go-to smoothie recipe to work in these all-star veggies. The flavor won’t really change, but you’ll add a whole lot of extra nutrients to the mix. If you’re still dipping your toe into the world of smoothies, don’t worry: you can always lean on recipes like these for inspiration.

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