5 Benefits For Skin + How To Use It

Tamanu oil is super versatile. You can find it in a number of face and body oils, moisturizers, and serums (even a hair care product or two). But according to Robinson, tamanu is quite the triple threat in skin care: “It can be used in a mask, moisturizer, or spot treatment,” he says. 

For a mask, simply mix the tamanu oil with another hydrating base ingredient (like manuka honey or aloe) and slather on for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Or, if a moisturizer is more your jam, mix a couple drops of tamanu oil into your favorite cream or facial oil (or find one that has tamanu oil already, like our recs below) and massage it into your skin. 

Even if you opt for the spot treatment, you’ll still want to dilute tamanu with another carrier oil before dabbing on troublesome areas. Its antimicrobial properties do make it an impressive remedy for blemishes, but it’s quite potent—similar to, say, tea tree oil

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