4-Week Intuitive Fasting Guide, From A Functional Medicine Expert

For the final week, you will be returning to the 12-hour fasting window from the first week. But this time, we’ll be adding more “clean carb-up” days, which means increasing your nutritious carbohydrates like fruits, sweet potatoes, and rice. This cyclical approach, paired with a bigger eating window and shorter fasts, can help support thyroid hormones and progesterone for women.

Although periodic longer fasting windows have their benefits, I’ve designed this four-week plan to stretch your eating windows and help you become metabolically flexible, sustainably. If fasting variability is a yoga class for your metabolism, then “Rebalance Week” is the savasana. You know, that time at the end of your yoga class where you lie down, relax, and meditate on all the amazing work you just did?

This tailored approach allows you to use both the tools of fasting and a clean diet to help, like yoga, center yourself and reconnect with the way your body is supposed to feel. The gentle, flexible fasting windows are designed to elevate how you feel and ground you in your body so that you can find food and body peace.

So if you are ready to take back control of your hunger, grab a copy of Intuitive Fasting for the full four-week guide along with tips and tricks and over 65 delicious recipes for enhancing the benefits of your flexible fasts.

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