4 Small Ways To Be A More Conscious Consumer In The Checkout Line

When it comes to fighting climate change and how we can do our part as consumers, it’s easy to feel like our daily efforts aren’t making an impact.

Fact: Impact doesn’t happen overnight, whether you’re a big corporation or just one person. It’s not one choice (or one action) that leads to a better, greener tomorrow. It’s those small, innocuous, everyday choices that get us there. After all: Individually, we’re a drop; together, we’re an ocean.

But where do we begin? Well, let’s start with something we do every single day, no matter what: eating. One-third of greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems (80% of which come from agriculture), so making better choices at your local grocery store is an extremely powerful way to cast your vote for a better future. The food industry is a $1 trillion market in America alone, so it’s safe to say this is one area whose impact will go a long way. Here’s how we can all take part in that effort: 

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