4 Signs Of Hair Aging You’re Probably Missing, From Experts

Just as how your hair follicles produce less and less melanin (leading to a slew of grays), they also tend to produce less sebum overtime—which is responsible for keeping your strands strong and moisturized. As a result, your hair can become brittle, dry, and coarse. 

Here’s how it happens: “With your scalp producing less of these two things, you lose protective layers on the hair strand, resulting in a cuticle that has a smaller diameter, creating a finer texture to your hair,” says Erica Conan, director of education at ColorProof, about gray hair’s new texture. “Your finer hair will feel more coarse and dry because it is not retaining moisture as well with the loss of these protective layers.”

It’s no cause for alarm; it just means you have to tend to your hair a bit differently as you age—especially if you’ve never dealt with coarser hair in your yesteryears. Perhaps focus on sealing in hydration (since coarse hair can lose moisture rather quickly) with hair masks, hydrating conditioners, and oils. 

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