4 Practices To Help Keep Your Brain In Shape

A healthy brain is the baseline of any thriving lifestyle. In terms of wellness, it comes before the quartz crystal face rollers, infrared saunas, and plant-based meat alternatives. A healthy brain helps us harness our own potential, solve life’s inevitable problems, sort out emotions, and manage stress. And this brilliant organ (which research suggests may be more powerful than than all the digital computers in the world combined) does these things all on its own. But that doesn’t mean we can’t lend a hand.

We can do that by adjusting our routines and activities to cultivate the brain functions we appreciate most, like focus and stress management. And sometimes that’s as simple as taking vitafusion(™) Brain Food gummy vitamins to help nourish your brain.* Getting more intentional about brain health is pretty straightforward, but potent — here’s what it looks like:

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