4 Planets Are Retrograde Summer 2021: Here’s What It Means

According to astrology, when the sky is out of whack, life here on Earth can be too. Retrograde periods are thought to be times of confusion, disorder, and backtracking. But they’re not all bad. “Retrogrades turn our attention to the past and can actually be cosmic ‘grace periods’ when we can finish all the things we’ve started or strengthen our plans, ensuring that we don’t move forward on a shaky foundation,” mbg’s resident astrologers, The AstroTwins, previously wrote.

This week, the infamous Mercury went direct and left its retrograde period on June 22, but two more planets, Jupiter and Neptune, started their backspin. This leaves us with four planets retrograde for the rest of the summer, signaling some potentially chaotic energy ahead. (Could this explain why things feel like they’re moving approximately 100 mph?)

To help you navigate the star-crossed season, we put together an astrological survival guide on which planets will be retrograde this summer and what it means for you.

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