4 Of Our Go-To Easy Chickpea Recipes

When it comes to plant-based proteins, chickpeas are a favorite for good reason: they’re easy to work with and pack in 14 grams of protein in each cup. They’re also super versatile, and even their liquid is useful as an egg substitute.

Chickpeas are wonderful to add directly to your dish—like salad, pasta, or soup—for extra protein and fiber,” Abby Cannon, J.D., R.D., CDN previously told mindbodygreen. But they’re also a great base for a warming vegetarian and vegan winter dinner (or a good Sunday cook for a week of lunches, since a few of these will definitely reheat well).

While tossing them on a sheet pan with oil, spices, and some veggies is one of the simplest routes to a chickpea powered meal, you can do better than that: these are some of our favorite recipes, with inspiration from the Mediterranean and beyond.

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