4 Empowering Mindsets Around Fertility, From A Specialist

Do you ever notice that when you are on a deadline at work, the work seems more stressful? That’s how your body feels! However, here’s the secret: it’s not so much an age clock, its your internal experience. If you decide at 32 years of age that you’re ready to be a mother, your sudden shift towards wanting motherhood can overtake all else. If it doesn’t happen right away, that may create more internal anxiety. It starts making you question everything.

But that timeline pressure isn’t fair or realistic for your body. It’s almost like deciding you want to take a month long vacation, and expecting to fly out tomorrow. You wouldn’t do that, right? Because you know that vacations take time and energy to plan. Similarly, you wouldn’t decide you want to get married tomorrow. You know that it’s going to take time to plan your wedding. So, why then do we expect pregnancy and parenthood to happen overnight? It’s because of the cautionary language adults conveyed when we were teenagers—having sex = getting pregnant.

In reality, there is only a 20% at best chance of conceiving in a completely healthy, fertile cycle. So, remember, it’s wise not have your deadline to motherhood be too close. But, instead: Plan. Give yourself a deadline far in the future. Understand that you need to prep your body (and your partner needs to prep, too!). Take a deep breath… spend some time planning your journey to parenthood, and do your best to enjoy the process. Often just the process of planning will take the stress and pressure off of you.

Of course, in any case, if you’re having challenges conceiving, consider speaking with a medical professional (ideally a functional or integrative practitioner) for advice.

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