33 Daily Affirmations For Kids To Boost Their Positivity

To get started using affirmations with your child, Nunez says that affirmation cards can be effective. Together, you could DIY your own cards after brainstorming a few affirmations that feel helpful and relevant.

“When I introduce them, I have a deck and they pick out a card, and we focus on that card for a day,” she explains. “For example, I believe in myself. We process what that means, and that will be our mantra for today.”

Milfort recommends practicing the affirmations in front of the mirror, noting “what they start to repeat, they will begin to believe and see.”

You can remind your child of their affirmation by placing the card on the fridge or in their room, and pointing it out if you catch them in a moment where they might need to use their affirmation. “When they’re older,” Nunez adds, “you can discuss more deeply what an affirmation is and what is positive for them. Having them participate in that dialogue is really important.”

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