3 Ways Social Connections Can Impact Your Longevity

According to Zaraska, married couples (or those who simply live together) actually synchronize their bodies. “They actually synchronize their heart rate, their pulse, even their finger temperature, the electric conductivity in their chest. It’s mind boggling how physiological these connections are between your mind, your relationships, and how your body functions.”

The thing is, says Zaraska, cohabitation won’t offer as many health benefits if you aren’t in a committed relationship. What does this mean? Well, it’s not necessarily about the cohabitation itself—it’s about the relationship. “If the commitment is not there, then unfortunately the health benefits are not as powerful,” she says. That’s because a committed relationship provides a feeling of safety. “Your HPA axis can really calm down because this person is there for you for better or for worse. No matter what happens to you, somebody down that this person will be there.”

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