3 Tips To Change The Way You Talk About & Treat Your Skin

“Whenever I have a great skin success story, I find that one of the biggest hurdles that they finally get over is just the way they speak about themselves, their skin, and the skin care experience as a whole,” says Wood. “Once people actually understand what’s happening with their skin, they get the right language to talk about it, then choices are made differently. 

Think about it: If you’re constantly thinking about what might be wrong with your skin, then you’re constantly looking for “imperfections.” You may even find some “faults” that you may not otherwise have noticed: The next thing you know, you’re picking, applying products that don’t serve you, and doing more harm than good. And thus the cycle of damage begins. 

But if you fundamentally believe that your skin has a purpose, and that your skincare routine’s job is to help it fulfill that purpose, you’re less likely to tear it apart with your words and actions. A good skin care routine starts from a place of love and respect for yourself and skin. 

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