3 Steps For Washing Strawberries

3 Steps For Washing Strawberries

There are no two things that go more perfectly together than fresh fruit and the summertime. When the temperature is rising and the heat is tamping down your appetite, somehow a bowl of fruit or a cool and satisfying smoothie always manages to save the day. But one thing that does not mix so well with the sunshine is unwashed produce.

We get it, you don’t necessarily want to go through the effort of scrubbing down your berries before you throw them on top of your overnight oats or yogurt, but knowing how to properly wash your strawberries may actually protect your health, removing all the grime or even pesticides that resides on the skin. And hear me out: We’ve all seen someone swapping out the strawberries at the grocery store for better ones in a different container—just think about what may be on their hands.

We got to the bottom of how exactly you should be washing your strawberries, why it’s important, and anything else you may need to know when it comes to enjoying your fruit. 

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