3 Small Ways You Can Show The Earth Some Love

3 Small Ways You Can Show The Earth Some Love

Again, it’s a small step, and it’s perhaps not the most tantalizing venture. But information is power—says White, it’s important to think about the literal power in your home you might take for granted. “For a lot of people, our power is just magic for us,” she explains. “We know we need to plug in our laptops and our phones, but how is it made? Where does it come from? You can call and ask what the renewable energy portfolio is of your utility provider.” 

Of course, investing in solar panels is a giant leap and not accessible for many, but there are other opportunities to reduce the energy in your home. “Use the LED light bulbs, focus on weatherization—it’s not that exciting, but it really does make a huge difference in your energy bills,” says White. Many power companies may also allow you to partake in a solar garden, a subscription-based service where you can get a portion of your electricity from a field of solar panels and receive credits on your energy bill. “Basically for every megawatt of power that comes into your house, you can buy renewable energy certificates to offset that,” says White. You can read more about community solar and find a program near your home. 

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