3 Skin Care Swaps For Acne-Prone Skin, From An Esthetician

Just like you can’t scrub away your acne, you can’t burn or dry it away either. So stop using desert-like tonics and astringents “People think, ‘Oh, I can just use the strongest products every single day to dry it up.’ That may temporarily work, but then your skin is not going to look healthy long term,” she says, noting you should always be smart with how you balance your skin with hydration.

“Unfortunately, I find a lot of people with oily skin or acne prone skin that still don’t use moisturizers, which hurts my feelings as a facialist,” she jokes. Her best tip for easily clogged individuals? Light layers of hydration: “What I love to do is layer water-based mists, then serums and gels, then the moisturizer last.”

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