3 Simple Burger Recipes That Start With A Can Of Black Beans

As tried-and-true as your go-to veggie burger might be, breaking out a new recipe might be the key to changing up your holiday weekend for the better: these three recipes start with a simple can of black beans, but with a little love turn into the star of your weekend barbecue. While you can always go for a good store-bought option, there’s something satisfying about making your own plant-based swaps for classics.

One thing about black bean burgers in particular is…they can be fragile. That means they’re actually best crisped up in your oven, which is good news for those of us living in places where grilling isn’t an option. And if you are lucky enough to have a grill space, it frees up the grill for other tasty dishes like grilled vegetables or even for grilling toppings, to really upgrade your burger game.

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