3 Natural Remedies For Foot Pain, According To A Podiatrist

Suppose you decide to take up walking for exercise. You generally feel fine doing so, until one day you notice pain in the heel. The pain may teeter back and forth between manageable, non-existent, and piercing. These symptoms point toward plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the ligament that supports the arch of the foot.

A standard treatment would be a cortisone injection and a prescription for an NSAID. Though both of these treatments can provide relief from inflammatory pain by suppressing chronic inflammation, they’re not necessarily helpful long-term.

Remember, chronic inflammation is a pathway that protects what isn’t readily being repaired. When your body is in pain, you are forced to stop doing what caused the problem (in this case, walking), rest the injured part, and compensate by putting more weight on the other limb—hopefully giving your immune system a chance to heal the problem.

When taking medication, though, the injury remains the same, but the brain is no longer getting the pain signal. In other words, the injured body part is no longer protected. Assuming the problem is solved, many people will continue to use (or overuse) an injured foot, preventing it from repairing, and potentially leading to further injury.

While these medications may not always be harmful, instead, I recommend working with your doctor or podiatrist to find the best natural treatment for you.

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