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Not all bags are made the same, and when it comes to freezer-appropriate choices, the best (and most sustainable) ones are reusable silicon style versus single-use bags. Aside from being a convenient, washer-friendly option, “you can also reheat the whole bag in a pot of hot water,” Moon suggests. 

Freezer-specific plastic bags are also an option—and a better one over conventional sandwich baggies. These are made of thicker and sturdier plastic, which prevents them from leaking or becoming brittle. Because liquids expand as they chill, make sure to leave one to two inches of space at the top of the bag (which applies to almost any soup-friendly container you choose). Buying high-quality freezer bags from a reliable brand you trust is always a good bet.

A quick tip: If you’re on a mission to prevent freezer burn, aim to press out as much air as possible from your zip-top freezer bags (although certainly not necessary, a vacuum sealer might come in handy). Then, freeze your bags flat or store them upright like books to maximize freezer space.

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