3 Makeup Artist Tricks For Fuller Lips, No Matter Your Lip Shape

While “full lips” has a different definition for everyone, generally those looking for a plumper pout are gunning for supple, hydrated, and healthy-looking lips—all of which starts with proper lip care (see our tips here). But in a pinch, makeup sure works wonders. A flick of liner or touch of gloss can create the illusion of fuller lips by day, all while you put in the work to naturally plump that pout. 

And speaking of makeup, there’s much you can play with to enhance your particular lip shape (for example, those with heart-shaped lips can smudge their liner a bit to soften out a hard V; those with thin lips can draw slightly past their natural lip line for some added volume; and so on). Although, makeup artists have compiled some universally flattering full-lip tricks over the years, ones that take mere seconds to master.

Below, they’ve shared some of their wisdom for fuller lips, no matter your specific lip shape. 

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