3 Make-Ahead Recipes Perfect For A Healthy Christmas Breakfast

There’s just something about Christmas Day that always (always) makes it feel like there is no time to make breakfast. Even this year, when we’re skipping large gatherings in favor of cozier stay-at-home plans, I have a feeling that the morning December 25th will still feel like something of a mad rush—especially for families with young children.

Rather than stress about not burning pancakes or perfectly poaching eggs, why not opt for a make-ahead meal that you can prep the day before for a low stress morning? In fact, why not do this…all the time? If you’re someone who struggles with eating breakfast because of the prospect of cooking first thing, you may already have a strategy for ready-to-go options in the fridge—but if you don’t, consider these a bit of inspiration.

Whether its for Christmas day or any other manic morning, find inspiration (and a bit of peace) in our favorite make-ahead breakfasts.

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