3 Keys To Getting Through Uncertainty, From A Psychiatrist

And lastly, trust the process. “If you let this transform you, you’re going to come out a stronger, more evolved person with higher consciousness,” Yusim explains. “Sometimes you have to fall in order to be built back up.” When we can learn to find happiness in the present moment, she adds, “or maybe not happy, but at least patient and present and mindful,” we can mitigate a great deal of suffering. Patience is key.

The bottom line is, “We can’t always be happy,” Yusim notes, and that is OK. Nothing lasts forever, and on the other end of hardship is a wiser and more resilient person. “And so it’s in looking within and finding that source of strength that we often didn’t know existed, and tapping into that stillness—that’s what helps people get through.”

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