3 Holistic Skin Care Experts On Keeping Glow Come Holidays

This isn’t the first time you’re hearing this, nor will it be the last: Holidays look a bit different this year. For many, the safest way to see loved ones means a road trip, when under normal circumstances they’d fly or take other means of mass transit. (So that means a potentially very long car ride—with a lot of sitting around.) And for those staying put, enjoying a small holiday with those in your bubble or immediate household, you’re probably tucked indoors more than you might in other years. 

In other words: There’s a lot less activity to give you a natural, vibrant glow. So we spoke with experts for skin tips on how you can tend to your complexion on a long car ride, at home quarantining, or whatever your plans are. These are easy ways to boost circulation, ease facial tension, and effortlessly glow come holiday. 

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