3 Common Mistakes During A Cleanse That May Make Acne Worse

Healing acne holistically is an internal thing. This is why many acne sufferers try going on a “cleanse” at the start of their journey—as a kickstart on their way to healthy, clear skin. This can be a good thing: Many foods in our current diet are known triggers for acne for those genetically predisposed for it. However, it all depends on what sort of cleanse you are trying. 

See in my experience, when acne patients embark upon a cleanse to clear their skin, a terrible thing often happens—their breakouts actually get worse. Feeling betrayed by their good intentions, and at their wits’ end, they run to their dermatologist claiming that their attempt to clear their skin, naturally, has failed.

I’ve seen this scenario all too often and I always find myself passionately defending natural medicine—eating clean is critical to optimal health and clear skin, but it has to be done correctly. So what gives? How can cleansing end up making acne even worse?

There are a few key mistakes you need to avoid when doing a cleanse to clear up your breakouts:

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