26 Healthy Thanksgiving Sides For A Nutritious Holiday Feast

While I know that, theoretically, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, I’ve always thought sides were the best part of the holiday. I grew up in a double turkey kinda household—but even before I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle a decade ago, I always looked forward to the yams and stuffing more than the bird—and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

This year, Thanksgiving (and the holiday season broadly) obviously looks different: without big family gatherings, turkey might not even be happening for many people (after all, if you’re only cooking for two, that’s an awful lot of leftovers). So if you, like me, are opting for a sides-only celebration this year, I’ve got good news: it can still feel decidedly celebratory.

With some healthier alternatives to the classics, and a few less conventional recipes, this list is a great place to start your menu planning. Just promise me you’ll at least consider finishing things off with a healthy pumpkin pie, okay?

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